My Minimalism: Giving Up the Past

Becoming a minimalist has gradually taught me to let go of the things that don’t matter. It’s made my life less stressful and more meaningful. My desires have become fewer and peace is much more frequent. I look at how far I’ve come and I wonder where it is I want to go. The only thing that seems to be clear is that I wish to continue letting go of the past. It has hindered me at times, come back to haunt me, and created a burden where there really wasn’t any in the present. I think about how I’ve tried to hide who I am by covering up with various shells of armor like weight, image, and persona. None of this I wish to keep because it has no place in my simple life of letting go. I’ve decided to look ahead, keep noble friends, and live in the present. It could make me vulnerable. It could change relationships and my way of life in the end. My ego could suffer and it might just be uncomfortable charting this new territory. The alternative is to carry the past with me and keep living for other’s expectations. The answer is simple of course. Where else could I possibly go but forward?

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