Simple Household Cleaning

Having less has made cleaning a breeze at our house. It takes less time because we have less to pick up, maintain, and move around. We made the jump to do away with commercial cleaning products. Now we just use a few basics that clean everything. No need to store multiple bottles or buy the latest product. These simple ingredients are easy to find, inexpensive, and work just as well or better than the products with fancy names or claims.

Baking soda *Scour sinks
Vinegar *Use alone for tough grease, dirty windows, walls, and counters
*Use 1:2 ratio with water for all-purpose spray
Olive oil *Polish cupboards, wood furniture, and wood doors

Living Room
Olive oil *Polish furniture and wood doors
Water *Use damp cloth to wipe down baseboard and walls
Vinegar *Clean windows, mirrors, and door handles

Baking soda * Scour sinks, tub, and shower
Vinegar * Clean mirrors, shower walls and door, counter tops
Water *Use damp cloth for baseboards, walls, and door

Olive oil * Polish furniture, doors, and ceiling fans
Water * Use damp cloth to wipe down walls and doors

Some people have an issue with the smell of vinegar. You can mix with water to mellow it and/or add essential oil such as lemon, orange, or others. If vinegar still bothers you try just cleaning with castile soap and water. Cleaning frequently keeps things easy too. Having a healthy lifestyle that does away with frying food, smoking cigarettes, or using artificial coloring also makes for keeping life simple and clean. Always a good choice.

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One thought on “Simple Household Cleaning

  1. I found it easier to clean with just a few natural ingredients too and reducing my stuff cut down the time spent tidying up. Its also easier to shop. Even if I don’t have a list and can’t remember if I was running low of baking soda or vinegar its inexpensive to pick up a
    One or both and know all my cleaning needs will be taken care of.

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