Minimalist Pantry

We try to stick to the basics in the pantry. Here is the inventory we keep there to give an idea of what works for us.

Old Fashioned oats (bought in bulk 50#)
Canned tomatoes (diced, stewed, crushed)
Olive Oil
Coconut Oil
White vinegar
Baking Soda
Aluminum-free baking powder
Spices including salt and pepper
Dehydrated vegetables
Root vegetables
Corn starch
Coconut Flour
Vanilla Extract
Dried Fruit
Powdered Milk

Our goal this year is to reduce waste and keep things simple. We are gathering recipes that are easy to make and take only common ingredients that we would find in our basic pantry. This doesn’t mean we feel deprived. On the contrary, we have found some really easy recipes to make that don’t take extra packaging, expense, or time. For example we make vanilla or coconut pudding from scratch. Using our homemade vanilla extract, homemade butter (made in just minutes in the blender), cornstarch, and milk we get a yummy treat with little effort in just 10 minutes on the stove plus cooling time. Make it before dinner, let it cool while you eat and it’s ready for dessert or make it the night before and you’ll have it for the next day. Add coconut for a sweet addition. Simple. Good.

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