Minimalist Beauty: Let It Be

The subject of beauty has been uncomfortable for me as I move along
towards a simple life. I’m not quite sure why it matters so much.
I’ve never been in the spotlight or considered a beauty so I wonder
why it’s been so hard to let go or to just allow it and not worry.
The best that I can come up with for me is that I want to still
take care of myself and age gracefully. I want it all to be set. A
set routine, a set beauty regime, a set of features that is acceptable.
I have to face the fact that I spend way too much time worrying and
trying too hard. My worst fear is that I will be invisible. I think
many women worry about that as they fade. I look around closely at
women my age that are struggling to fit in or stand out. I am not alone.

Who do I want to be?
It’s the women that I admire that I look to for guidance.
I admire the ones that are classic, that don’t try to hide
their age or act like they are 20 again and yet they take
care of themselves, dress simply but well, stand out because
they don’t look like they try too hard. That’s it.

Who I don’t want to be.
Maybe it’s easier to think about who I don’t want to be.
I don’t want or need to look like a carbon copy of everyone else.
I don’t want to look fake or like I am trying too hard.
I don’t need to be 21 again.
I don’t care about brand names or designer labels.
I don’t want to struggle or kid myself about my real age.

The solution
First, I fully recognize that I may continue to evolve.
My solution is to Let It Be.
I’m going to what works and what I am comfortable with.

My hair is a constant thought in my brain. It’s ridiculous really. I’ve always wanted long hair
and yet I continue to have it cut and then regret it. This year I won’t cut it at all.
I am just letting it be. My plan is to moisturize with coconut oil and treat it gently.
As the silver keeps coming in I get more and more frustrated with hair dyes. I can’t
justify what it costs at the salon to color it and home hair color is a pain. I see older
women deciding to go gray after so many years of coloring it and it looks painful to cut
it so short and deal with the line of color. Since I want to grow it long I have a plan.
It’s dyed to a color now that matches my own so letting the silver just come in
is the plan this year. As it grows I plan to pull it back away from my face.
I saw a woman the other day that had hair like mine with it pulled back in a
classic style. It was striking and yet simple. She didn’t look like she was struggling
or trying to hide her age. This is what I want for my hair. Let it grow. Let it be.

This year was hard on my skin. Moving to dry and arid Utah has made me pay
more attention to my skin care routine. My stepmother gave me an expensive product
to try. It’s one of those that you can sell from home and win a Lexus.
I was really disappointed. For the price and the testimonials it wasn’t anywhere
near what they claimed. It just made me anxious to think about paying that much for it too.
I went back to my Vitamin E and lemon juice in the morning and straight Vitamin E at night.
My skin and I feel better already and I will let it be.
(I’ll post an article on what I do specifically soon)

The one thing I spend more money on than the rest of my beauty is foundation.
It’s like a quality canvas and I’ve found that it’s really the only thing that
I see a real difference. I buy BB cream because it’s light and still real so when I
say that I spend more money on this, I mean more than one dollar.
I won’t be trying multiple products this year.
What I need is right here and I will let it be.

Did you know that inexpensive makeup often lasts longer or that it often just
isn’t part of a marketing program that the company has to recover the cost?
I buy my color cosmetics at the Dollar store. My eye shadow palette, eye liner,
blush, powder, and mascara are $1. They all do the job. I sometimes don’t have the
selection of color that I really want but it is rare. I can always find something that works.
I avoid the cosmetics isle at the local market and when I venture into Walmart on the
rare occasion. (see how I manage this in a future post)
I have what I need for me.

Last year I used the cheap press on nails that you can buy at any
department or drug store. I thought they were great. They’re not.
I have damaged my nails so badly by using them that now the
growing out process is painful. Literally painful.
This year it’s Vitamin E every night with petroleum jelly and gloves.
Coconut oil and my $1 lotion is for during the day in between washing hands.
No polish, no acetone, no fake nails, or treatments.
I’ll be supplementing with a Multivitamin, Calcium, and Biotin
to make them healthy. Natural healthy nails this year because
I will let them be.

I’m still overweight and out of shape. My goal is not to lose weight.
This year I will keep exercise simple with calisthenics and walking.
I always go back to those because I like them and they work.
I don’t lead a life that can embrace gym life anymore and I
don’t intend to spend the extra money there either.
My health is my greatest concern right now so I am
thinking in terms of simply being healthy and making smart
choices rather than losing a number and being obsessed with a scale.
Simple exercise at home works with my life and I will let it be.

I believe that part of beauty is what you put into your body.
This last year I have tried everything under the sun as far as
diets go. I’ve been the route of vegan, vegetarian, raw food,
high protein, convenience, comfort food, portion control and fasting.
I have to look at what really worked and made me feel good.
A low carbohydrate diet makes me feel better. I don’t have the
cravings to binge or graze that I have when I eat carbohydrates.
This year letting go of obsession is one of my goals. It’s hard.
My goal for fuel this year is to keep to one plan and try it for
a whole year. Instead of drifting and always trying something new,
cleaning out the cupboard and replacing it with my newest “diet” food
I will be sticking to the low carb plan for 2014 and document my findings
as far as lab results, weight, overall health, risk factors, and my
doctor’s input. She’s approved this plan for me so here we go.
This year I will let it be.

To do list:

Grow natural hair
Vitamin E for skin
Lemon juice to exfoliate skin
Coconut oil for body
$1 Cosmetics
Natural nails
Simple exercise
Steady plan for fuel

What do you do to simplify beauty?

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4 thoughts on “Minimalist Beauty: Let It Be

  1. Brilliant, brilliant post.

    To let go and just be content is certainly the most crucial part. That need not mean that you’re not growing. That just means you want to grow but you’re still content with where you’re.

    Such a true honesty in your blog. Beautiful :)

    Would love a feedback from a fellow minimalist on my blog about Minimalism and simplicity.

    Keep in touch. And cheers!

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