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When I decided to become a minimalist I thought that there was
a certain criteria I had to follow. Along the way I have learned to forge my own
minimalist path and do what’s right for me. I can’t express this enough.
What works for one may not work for another and even though
I’ve established friendships based on the common interest of
minimalism, it is truly an individual way of life because we all
have to live it differently. That being said, one of my new goals is to
Buy NO Books.


Last year even though I was embracing a minimalist life full speed
ahead I kept buying books. It was easy to just click a button online.
Most were Kindle ebooks but once in a while I found a bargain hardcover
and succumbed to the lure of getting something for cheap. In the end I
never held onto them and it just made me feel like I was doing something
that didn’t reflect my philosophy of less. So I made the goal of buying no
books. With applications such as Kindle, Google Books, and Overdrive Media
I can still remain digital, have plenty of free books to read including old
and new, and I can embrace supporting new authors by downloading and reviewing
their books. Google as well as Kindle have plenty of old books scanned into their
databases so my love of old books is still entertained minus the smell and the dust.
Overdrive Media is an application that you can use on a tablet or smart phone
that allows you to borrow books from your local library. All you need is a
library card. I thought it was hype until I tried it and now I can’t read fast
enough. Kindle also has the option to allow my friends that do buy books
to loan me a book. There are just so many options.


Why buy no books?
I want to go a step further this year in becoming a minimalist.
Remaining digital is important to me for clutter control and
saving valuable time. It is also convenient to carry a pile of
books on your phone wherever you go.
Buying no books keeps my spending down.
Obviously I want to spend as little as possible this year. I went back and estimated
what I spent on books in 2013 just on books. $200 is less than many spend
on books in a year but it was an incredible number for me.


There’s a free book for every subject.
One of the things that was bothering me about buying books
was that I was falling for advertising. I could name a few
namely health books that I bought based solely on the fact that
they were recommended by “experts” or some celebrity.
When I would go back to research and see if there were similar
books on the subject there was almost always a free book that
gave enough information that I wouldn’t have had to spend the money.
In December of 2013 while formulating my plan I experimented
and searched by subject, then category, then refined by price
“low to high” and found many helpful or engaging books that didn’t
cost anything. The other part of my research was to visit the author
websites for these “experts” and found plenty of free information there.


Learn to use what you have.
I already pay for internet so I have learned to use the one resource
in different ways. This is the information age and although it’s really
easy just to download or buy a book, you can find so much to read for
free on the internet. Looking to trusted websites like Mayo Clinic for health,
and WordPress for entertaining reading I find that I just don’t have
a worry in the world about buying no books.


What it really says.
In the end, to me, buying no books is about not getting
sucked into marketing or consumerism. It’s not really about
having less because I could go crazy in the free world. I’ll work on my excessive digital habit next year.


Have you resolved to buy nothing?


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2 thoughts on “Buy No Books

  1. I almost never buy books (at least for myself, gifts are another story). I borrow books (real ones) from the library, and if they don’t have it, I try to request they purchase it. but there are enough books to read without them purchasing my requested whims. I don’t feel bad not buying books, it helps me streamline my home, and moving homes. I do have a collection of books I’ve chosen to keep, but they easily fitted in one box when I moved.

    • There’s still nothing like walking into a library filled with books. Many stories that we read from the past also refer to people borrowing books from each other. It’s a goal that is quite easy to achieve if I remind myself of the possibilities. Thank you for commenting.

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