Extreme Minimalism: Clothes in the Closet 2

Photographed by Daniel Case 2006-01-20.

Photographed by Daniel Case 2006-01-20. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every Spring I go back to my closet and it becomes the minimal. Sometimes through the winter I add a sweater or I think I need “city clothes” so I buy a blouse that gets worn a couple of times and then belongs to someone else in need. I think this will be the year that I don’t cycle as much because as I age I seem more content with less. The need to impress others becomes less and the authentic me that believes a bright-colored nice tee-shirt is just as lovely as a designer blouse shines through.  To many this is extreme minimalism but I am not content with more and that is the point. What are you content with? Do you fuss about piles of laundry and find resentment lurking around the corner every time your spouse or parent lectures you on your buying habits? What do you NEED?

This is my closet now:

Cornflower blue Tee

Coral Tee

Teal Tee

Red Tee

Pink Tee

These are all in the bright colors that I love and that compliment my aging skin and hair.

Black pants

Gray pants

Trouser jeans (2)

Black skirt

I chose black because it is easy to match shoes, it’s slimming, professional, and easy to coordinate with.

Black cardigan

Black pullover fleece

Gray cardigan

These wear well and I bought two of these used at less than $5 each. They were original quality items that will last and classic style.

Workout capris (2)

Velvet pants (2)

Socks (5 pairs)

Mary Jane shoes (2)

Black athletic shoes (2)

Brown walking shoes

Brown hiking boots

The velvet pants aren’t really considered “necessary” but it is my comfort mechanism. When I come home from work in winter I put these on and sit in my chair before I have to deal with the household chores. It’s my thing.

What would be in your closet? What would you give to those in need?  What’s your thing?

I also own a winter coat and trench coat.

I could go with even less but this is what is comfortable.  It’s true that I don’t plan to work for a large corporation that wouldn’t allow me to wear what I have now. Even with a tee and cardigan paired with my black pants I can still look professional enough for work.  In my mind professionalism in more about mannerisms and there are plenty of people out there with designer clothes that aren’t professional. :-)

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6 thoughts on “Extreme Minimalism: Clothes in the Closet 2

  1. I couldn’t agree more, whoever said “clothes make the man” or in this case person couldn’t be more wrong. Sure if I wear something sloppy and not fitting properly I will feel sloppy, but I do like to be comfortable. But like you I have met so many who dress the part and are less than professional. I own very little in the way of clothing, everything (for a season and the in between) fit on a small child’s bookcase (3 shelf) I do have more shoes than I would like, I have two pair of sandals, one for dressier occasions, and one for every day, a pair of slip on black shoes, and a pair of hiking boots for winter. I also have more coats than you do. I’m not sure where you live, but here the weather is all over the place. I have a cape, a man’s denim jacket which is used from spring through winter, a lighter jacket for those days the denim doesn’t work and would like to have a rain coat now that I no longer have a car.

  2. When I started my Project 333 (paring down my wardrobe to 33 items) I ended up going with about 5 black and white tank tops and various covers (neutral vests, sweaters), two pairs of jeans, and two pairs of slacks. And I feel like I’ve been better dressed since then!

  3. I’ve been working on reducing the number of clothes in my closet… I won’t lie, I’ve always been bad for never getting rid of things. Just in the past couple weeks I finally donated the pants that I’ve kept around because “I might fit back into them someday” *sigh*
    I need to do more, so thanks for reminding me (my wife will be grateful too!)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I’ll be sure to make you one of my regular reads now too!

  4. As you, I am constantly minimizing my stuff, over time I find that I do not need to have so much. What for? Thanks for following my blog! I am enjoying reading yours! ~Be Here Now~ xo

  5. I’m not ready yet to pare back the clothes in my closet, but you make an excellent argument for rethinking how much “stuff” we have. I’ve read studies that say we only wear a fraction of the clothes we have anyway.

    Have you ever read “Secrets of Simplicity” by Mary Carlomagno? It’s about learning to live better with less and I really enjoyed it. I enjoy your blog as well. Thank you for following mine.

  6. I only recently posted my clothes inventory – I thought I didn’t have that much, but the numbers deceived me! I still feel a level of social pressure for certain types of outfits for different types of events, which means variety, and then temperature suitability across the seasons.

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