Moving Towards a Simple Life

I started making the move towards a simple life a couple of years ago. Ever so slowly I gave things away. We recycled some old things into something new. I became mindful of where my money as well as my time is going. I recently made the change to a job with less stress. It’s not near the excitement there but there isn’t the drama or heartache either. I earn less wages but I find myself wanting less. Here are the ways I started moving towards a simple life:

* Eat simply

We eat whole foods and left the boxes behind. Now we make our own soups and freeze the leftovers. Making salads and smoothies has become a part of what we use to fuel our bodies with real foods.

* Stop drinking caffeine.

Sadly I always judged smokers for the money they wasted along with their lungs. Now I see how much money I have wasted on coffee and tea as well as how much they dehydrate me and make me lose vital nutrients my body needs. Hello water!

* Simplify grooming.

I cut my hair short and threw away the appliances. After I wash it I rub my hands with a little olive oil and gently finger comb it into place. I ditched expensive makeup and skincare products. Now I go natural with olive oil and lemon juice. Beautiful!

* Simple Exercise

Walking and body weight exercises are the way to go. You can do them anywhere, anytime. I’ve lost 20 pounds because I stopped thinking I had to do what the crowd is doing.

* Manage Time

Now we manage time well. The day starts early and ends early. We have time for everything so we don’t stress or rarely have to hurry. We keep a schedule and don’t over-commit ourselves to too many things. It’s not always perfect but it’s easy to get back on track if needed.

* Minimal Possessions

We gave away things we didn’t use or need. Our books and music are digital now. We read the classics for free and there is an endless list. Music is free many places for download or streaming. We buy minimal clothing and shoes that we love.

* Less Entanglements

We have slowly moved away from shallow friendships. We keep fewer friendships now but they are quality. Our friends are positive people. It’s feels good to move towards a simple life. I wouldn’t trade it ever.

Woman carrying body weight and more!!

Woman carrying body weight and more!! (Photo credit: Mulligan Stu)

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