Aging Beauty

English: Most cosmetology and beauty school pr...

English: Most cosmetology and beauty school programs in the United States require students to purchase practice heads that are made with real human hair. Students can cut, color and add permanents to their practice heads (with mixed end results) as they learn the procedures in school. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


On the road to Minimalism I have struggled with the concept of beauty.
Do I keep on using makeup and hair color?
How do I keep life simple and stay attractive?
Should I embrace aging by allowing nature to take its course?

I’m soon to be 47 this winter.
The realism that I am not 21 anymore is vivid. I don’t feel the need to try to be younger. Then again, I am not sure how to approach aging. What my heart says is to give up covering up. I don’t want to have to buy makeup or worry
about chemicals that color my hair.

What does seem reasonable is not to quit. By quit I mean quit taking care of myself. I have decided to do the healthy thing for me. Simplify beauty but don’t close the door on it.

*Walk for circulation and other health benefits
*Drink water for healthy cells and skin
*Eat a simple vegan diet
*Minimize stress
*Use Vitamin E/coconut oil for skin
*Dry brush skin for optimal circulation and detox
*Grow hair one length to chin. Simple cut. Simple length.
*Let the silver shine
*Worry less and laugh more
*No more cover ups

What do you struggle with?

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2 thoughts on “Aging Beauty

  1. I too gave up worrying about my hair or makeup a while ago. At first people would remark that I needed to color my hair again as my gray was showing, but they finally realized I was going to embrace who I am and not try to hide behind a bottle of chemicals. I never could have made this decision in my 20s when I was less comfortable with myself.

  2. Great points, all around. For me it is coming to terms with what works for me. Looking at 50 this Summer, I still get my hair highlighted and stil wear a full face of makeup when I go out: not because I am trying to look younger, but it feels good for me. I’ve alway enjoyed skin care and makeup and I suspect at age 90-plus I’ll be using something from the cosmetic counter :-) but at the end of the day, your wisdom to “Worry less and laugh more” is the best prescriptive, regardless of the other routines we adopt!

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