English: Flow Country. More emptiness.

English: Flow Country. More emptiness. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As my house becomes empty in preparation for our move across country, I find myself in between apprehension and awe.

The prepared me likes to have food in the pantry. Its been an interesting lesson to see the supply there dwindle. I have found myself pacing in front of the shelves as if looking for something only to find the emptiness. Over the days I have learned to embrace it and see that there is still enough. There doesn’t have to be an overabundance of food there for life to be okay.

The awe has come as we have given much away and find the emptiness all around us as peaceful. Giving what we don’t need is always satisfying. Some of it we simply take to the local Rescue Mission store and other things we like to find a unique owner to love it completely. The journey has moved us at lightning speed towards becoming minimalists.  This is awe at its finest, simple, and empty.

I think about how far we have come. We began our journey as mates bringing together two households, not wanting to let go of anything. We truthfully trusted few things, even each other as we struggled to maintain our own identities and yet become a family. As we went along the path we discovered that in order to survive we would have to do the right thing, the uncomfortable, and let go of the known. We would have to venture into the unknown and let go of some of our expectations as well as our things.  The turning point was when we began to do more for each other than we did for ourselves. It felt right. At that point we needed less and that was the beginning of becoming a minimalist family.  Now it is second nature to think before we buy or take what is given.

The emptiness has become a part of us. It is not desolate. It is not deprivation. It is soulful, authentic, and simply loved.

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