5 Simple Habits for Joyful Living

The journey to simplify our lives  brought us to examine our habits and improve the basic everyday.  These 5 simple changes in habit helped us focus on what was important in our lives. They make the difference in joyful living.

Exercise First Thing

The temptation to procrastinate is always there and at the end of the day it never gets done.  For me getting back to a healthy exercise routine has meant that I get up early in the morning and get my simple exercise done first thing. This has been a powerful habit to change. I used to get up and have a cup of coffee only to sit there and stare out the window daydreaming. I’ve learned to convert that time into walking and body weight exercises while I listen to audio books or YouTube  inspirational speeches. Combining the two makes me feel like I still get that time for myself and yet remain productive. By putting the important task of exercise first in the day I always feel better that its done. I don’t have the burden later in the day of worrying about when I will fit it into my day.

Time Management

Effective time management has changed our lives. Some people think its boring but it has afforded us the things that mean the most to us. Instead of rushing around with scattered thoughts, trying to get a million things done, we have a general plan of a schedule for the day and a to do list. We incorporate our morning and evening routines each day during the week and relax the schedule on the weekends. The sense of accomplishment is amazing. Having routines during the week enables us to relax and spend valuable time together without worrying about what needs to be done or if we are forgetting anything.

Healthy Eating

With the move towards becoming  a minimalist family, we have moved to more whole foods with very little processed food. Our goal is to transition to a plant-based diet.  Vegetarian meals have replaced most of the burgers, pizza, and wings that was our standard diet before. Now we enjoy fresh fruit, salads of every combination, stir fry, and vegetable casseroles that serve as warm comfort food in the winter.  Nuts and seeds are handy protein. The simplicity and money saved by eating vegetarian makes us happy as well.

Focus on Relationships 

Our focus used to be on gaining material wealth. Material things were the measurement of happiness and success and yet we came away feeling empty and dissatisfied. When we became a minimalist family we found ourselves focusing on our relationships with each other as well as other important relationships with friends and family.  Our measures of happiness and success changed to the quality of time we spent with loved ones. Our relationship has flourished and we consider it our most valuable asset.

Stop Comparing Yourself

One of the first things that we found we had to do was to stop comparing ourselves to others.  This made our need to buy things just because they were popular fade instantly. This habit also was a healthy and natural  self-esteem booster.  When we constantly compared ourselves to others we always felt lacking at the end of the day. We never considered that we had enough and envied friends and strangers alike for things that didn’t even suit us. By letting go of our own expectations we became content.

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