Extreme Minimalism: Natural Hair

As I venture further into minimalism I enjoy simplifying my product list. This week I made the jump to “no-poo”. This is the term that’s used for the method of using baking soda instead of shampoo. I couldn’t find an “organic” or “natural” product that I liked and I still didn’t like the fact that […]

Simple Household Cleaning

Having less has made cleaning a breeze at our house. It takes less time because we have less to pick up, maintain, and move around. We made the jump to do away with commercial cleaning products. Now we just use a few basics that clean everything. No need to store multiple bottles or buy the […]

Minimalist Pantry

We try to stick to the basics in the pantry. Here is the inventory we keep there to give an idea of what works for us. Old Fashioned oats (bought in bulk 50#) Canned tomatoes (diced, stewed, crushed) Olive Oil Coconut Oil Tea Coffee White vinegar Baking Soda Aluminum-free baking powder Spices including salt and […]

Minimalist Kitchen

One of the easiest places to have too much is the kitchen. In our house the kitchen is the gathering place. We eat here, do homework, write volumes, and seek sanctuary here. There’s a large pantry closet right in the kitchen as well as many cupboards that are tempting to fill. We recently took an […]

Don’t Confuse Minimalism With Deprivation

Becoming a Minimalist doesn’t mean there is deprivation. It’s true that you may still be tempted by the newest shiny thing but just because you don’t buy it doesn’t make you deprived. We are sucked in by marketing and consumerism. When you clear your clutter and get down to the basics it simply feels good. […]

Minimalist Beauty: Let It Be

The subject of beauty has been uncomfortable for me as I move along towards a simple life. I’m not quite sure why it matters so much. I’ve never been in the spotlight or considered a beauty so I wonder why it’s been so hard to let go or to just allow it and not worry. […]

Buy No Books

  When I decided to become a minimalist I thought that there was a certain criteria I had to follow. Along the way I have learned to forge my own minimalist path and do what’s right for me. I can’t express this enough. What works for one may not work for another and even though […]

Building an Authentic Life

Becoming a minimalist has been so rewarding this last year. It made moving simple. When friends and family asked how the move went instead of giving the expected answer of how painful it was, we smiled and told them how easy it was. Everything was moved and put away within two days. Everything. Now they […]

Drawer Organization

Part of our plan for this year is to re-purpose and organize. We’ve minimized in some areas and continue to work on others. One thing I haven’t been able to completely give up is  cosmetics. So I’ve decided to limit my spending on them and not buy extras. Today I took the plastic container from […]

Product Combinations for Minimalists

  When I find a product that has many purposes I do a little dance.  The closer I come to becoming a minimalist, the more I like this idea.  The more uses each product has that you buy, the better because it saves you money,, space, time, and worry.  Here are some products, combinations, and […]

Extreme Minimalism: Clothes in the Closet 2

Every Spring I go back to my closet and it becomes the minimal. Sometimes through the winter I add a sweater or I think I need “city clothes” so I buy a blouse that gets worn a couple of times and then belongs to someone else in need. I think this will be the year […]

Being Less

Being Nobody Going Nowhere. That’s not depression. It’s a book on being content with not being ambitious, not setting worldly goals, and  simply recognizing the moment, Could you do that? Could you give up your goals and agenda for even one week? People say that it’s impossible, that we must have goals and plans for the future to […]

Taking the Next Step

As I continue to test where I am going in life and what I want accomplish. I find myself looking towards being self-employed. Although working for a corporation has its benefits I feel the need to venture out on my own. I recently started reading Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”.  It helped me understand how […]